October 2016

Different Types Of Kitchen Work Triangles

No matter how beautiful a kitchen looks, what matters to the person cooking is the ease with which they cook the different meals. It would be very tiring if the cook had to move all around the kitchen in a bit to get food ready for the whole family. Cooking should be an enjoyable process and not something that leaves the person in charge of cooking so tired that even the food is no longer appetizing.

That is where the kitchen work triangle becomes important. it is not only about getting a custom made kitchen in place, it is also about making the kitchen comfortable for the cooking process to be done with minimum displacement of appliances. That is why most people will think of the work triangle or simple put the kitchen work triangle.

What is a kitchen work triangle?

It is a model of designing a kitchen such that the three most used appliances in the kitchen are placed in such a way that they allow the least movement from one to another. It is usually the imaginary line between the refrigerator the sink and the cooking area. Basically there should be at least four to nine feet between the triangle legs and traffic should not be allowed to flow through the triangle area. While in real life it may not be possible to achieve the triangle, it is still possible to arrange the three in such a way that there is minimum distance between them.

That is why there are different types of work triangles.

  • The U shaped kitchen is one of the most popular types of work triangle that is found in most kitchens. It has two work areas that are opposite each other but both perpendiculars to a third. It is very effective layout for small kitchens
  • The L shaped layout is great for kitchen corners and kitchen with a lot of space. It is made up of two work corners perpendicular to each other. It is a great way to ensure that there are no traffic issues in the kitchen. If such a kitchen is wide enough, it could allow an island table to be added easily.
  • The peninsula shape is a useful versatile kitchen layout and has been around for decades. It consists of a work station at one and another placed a few feet apart. It is a good layout for small kitchens. There is a passage way in between them and the kitchen owner can decide to leave passage ways behind one or either work stations. This type of design is great for open plan designs. It can be made as to any length depending on the dimensions of the kitchen.