February 2017

Customise Your Walls By Covering It With Your Favourite Paper

Each and every corner in your house can be a reflection of your taste and preferences. It can speak volumes about your personality and can even portray your idea of perfection and beauty as they will have everything you wanted there. You can customize them according to your taste. However, there are certain things which are important and just cannot be ignored.

Picking your favourite curtain or bed sheets or a show piece or anything of the sort is good for customization, but is not enough a factor that one depends upon. The location where it will be placed is important, the amount of people frequenting the place or the human traffic is important and the activities which will take place in that room are also important factor which needs to be considered before placing anything in the area. For instance, you can put up kids wallpaper for your children’s room as it will depict pictures or things which are related to a child. It can be an animated one, cartoon picture, comic character and so on. Therefore the choice here depends upon the location, the child whose room it will be put up, other children frequenting the room and the activities taking place in the room. Thus, these factors are important for consideration when customizing walls home.

You can go for standard wallpaper installation for low activity areas, like dens, master bedroom, etc. High traffic areas, like kitchen, bathrooms, children’s room etc., are all prone to damage and therefore it should have something which is durable, water proof, strain proof or strain resistant and can stay good for long. Vinyl is a very good material for such high traffic areas as it is very durable and can be easily cleaned.


The designs of the paper will depend upon the choice as well as the people frequenting the room. For instance, the designs for an adult bedroom can be very personal and individual. It should reflect the style and personality of the person living that room. One can decorate their bedroom according to their taste and preference and express them through their choice of colours, decor etc.

Teenagers are very passionate and have highly individualistic choices when it comes to their room decor. Most of them are very loud in their choices and you can find loud and bold colours in their rooms. There is no particular trend which they follow but their own taste and style.

The nursery rooms are very peaceful and simple. The colours chosen for the walls, tapestry and decor are very comforting and soothing. They can be vibrant and colourful in order to make the room more lively and animated.