Different Types Of Kitchen Work Triangles

No matter how beautiful a kitchen looks, what matters to the person cooking is the ease with which they cook the different meals. It would be very tiring if the cook had to move all around the kitchen in a bit to get food ready for the whole family. Cooking should be an enjoyable process and not something that leaves the person in charge of cooking so tired that even the food is no longer appetizing.

That is where the kitchen work triangle becomes important. it is not only about getting a custom made kitchen in place, it is also about making the kitchen comfortable for the cooking process to be done with minimum displacement of appliances. That is why most people will think of the work triangle or simple put the kitchen work triangle.

What is a kitchen work triangle?

It is a model of designing a kitchen such that the three most used appliances in the kitchen are placed in such a way that they allow the least movement from one to another. It is usually the imaginary line between the refrigerator the sink and the cooking area. Basically there should be at least four to nine feet between the triangle legs and traffic should not be allowed to flow through the triangle area. While in real life it may not be possible to achieve the triangle, it is still possible to arrange the three in such a way that there is minimum distance between them.

That is why there are different types of work triangles.

  • The U shaped kitchen is one of the most popular types of work triangle that is found in most kitchens. It has two work areas that are opposite each other but both perpendiculars to a third. It is very effective layout for small kitchens
  • The L shaped layout is great for kitchen corners and kitchen with a lot of space. It is made up of two work corners perpendicular to each other. It is a great way to ensure that there are no traffic issues in the kitchen. If such a kitchen is wide enough, it could allow an island table to be added easily.
  • The peninsula shape is a useful versatile kitchen layout and has been around for decades. It consists of a work station at one and another placed a few feet apart. It is a good layout for small kitchens. There is a passage way in between them and the kitchen owner can decide to leave passage ways behind one or either work stations. This type of design is great for open plan designs. It can be made as to any length depending on the dimensions of the kitchen.

Creating Easy Living In A Small Space

As the world population continues to see more and more growth, one thing has become dangerously concerning; the lack of space. The world human population has exploded to a staggering seven billion people, and with it, newer and more creative ways have been developed to incorporate living space for so many people, when land space is scarce.

The most popular and obvious choice has been to build up. More and more high-rise apartment buildings are popping up across the world to accommodate large amounts of people in a technically small area of land space. This has become a saviour in terms of construction and building homes for millions of people in the world today.

This, however, has meant that although people are able to own their own home in the form of apartments, most of these apartments tend to be smaller in size and hence a bit cramped. The challenge for those that live in them is to maximize living space and make it appear large than it actually is.

Using clever partitions

Different kinds of partitions have become popular over the years, in place of solid wall. Where walls create demarcated space definitely, slide furniture for example, provides functionality and design, by both acting as furniture and providing soft demarcation to tidy up a space without making it smaller.

This design feature has also become popular coupled with the use of molo Hong Kong as a material for partitions due to its unique build and creative elements.

Mirrors and French doors

Mirrors are an easy and cost-friendly addition to a home when attempting to make it appear larger. While you can opt to hang large mirrors on walls, some have even gone on to incorporate entire mirror walls, in order to create the best illusion of a larger living space. This also works as a beautiful design for your home.

French doors and windows are becoming increasingly popular both due to their appearance and functionality. Especially for smaller homes, French windows and doors can let in much-needed light to really brighten up the indoor spaces. They also incorporate a sense of outdoor-indoor living; the doors can be opened up to your balcony or garden when entertaining, so that the living space that can be enjoyed is maximized.

With this, deck and patio furniture can be used to further utilize this indoor-outdoor space concept. This will also provide more seating for guests while not making the indoors space even more cramped with extra furniture.

All There Is To Know About Residential And Commercial Interior Designers

When you spend so much money buying your dream house, it is only obvious that you would want your home to look perfect and beautifully decorated. In order for your house to look beautiful and remarkable, there are more than many factors that need to be taken into considerations. Starting from the colour schemes of the walls of the rooms to the positioning of the furniture, everything should be done perfectly in order for the house to look remarkably beautiful. Several individuals seek professional help to execute their beautification plan with perfection. These professionals are basically designers who happen to have quite a bit of knowledge in residential interior design. The interior designers are hired on a contract and project basis. These designers also excel in building design.

A residential designer only takes up single home contracts and projects. If you wish to design your commercial space, then you might have to look for commercial interior designers. A residential designer can never provide you with what you need for your office space. Most of the business organizations understand the value of making an impression on the guests and clients and therefore they make sure that the workplace looks fancy and well decorated. A commercial designer gives an ordinary looking official or commercial space a makeover and provides it with the corporate look and feel that it requires. For a commercial space and building, it is very important that it looks sophisticated and beautifully decorated as it not only creates a good impression of the company on those who visit the company for the first time but also provides a proper working environment for the workers.

Just the commercial buildings, residential spaces and apartments, we also require a makeover from time to time. In order to survive the competition in today’s day and age, it becomes very essential to have a strong persona and have high level of confidence at all times. Therefore you should start looking for men’s and women’s personal stylist in order to boost your personality. You can do a bit of research on the internet in order to find out about the personal stylists and shoppers available in and around your locality or neighborhood. Once you find someone that you think might be suitable for you, you can get in touch with the stylist so that he or she can take care of the whole process.

However, fashion makeover can often go wrong and result in disastrous results. Therefore, first and foremost you need to decide what are your dislikes and what do you think doesn’t work in favor of your personality. Is the way you dress or you are often confused about what you should have in your wardrobe. Once you figure out your weakness and shortcomings and convey them to your stylist or shopper, it will become lot easier for the stylist to help you. Having a personal stylist has become quite important these days and therefore you too should consider having one.

Simple Decorating Ideas To Spice-Up Your Walls

Decorating the home is an important thing for every homeowner. They would want their homes to look visually attractive and hence use many kinds of wall decorations to capture people’s attention. One of the best ways to improve the visual aspect of your home is to adorn the walls with framed wall art. This is normally framed printouts of famous art works or sky scrapers or historic buildings or even plain art by geniuses. Any picture that you find attractive and eye catching can be framed and hung on your wall.

Considering a few things

No matter you are interested in hanging attractive works of genius painters or the Manhattan sunset prints for sale; you need to take into consideration a few things so that it fits your wall. It is better to place the pictures on neutral walls so that the framed art work becomes the most attractive item on the wall. You should make sure that the framed art you choose fits the interior design concept you are working on.

• They should make a strong statement on the wall on which it is placed.

• It must match with the color scheme of the room and complement the furniture in the room.

Choose with care

It is important for you to give great thought to the framed wall arts you are planning for your room. You should not just choose the first Manhattan sunset prints for sale that you come across. Check for all the different styles and colors on offer and choose one that suits your décor. Make sure that the frame design does not spoil the artwork on the inside and the frames must also be perfectly complemented the art work. Care must be given to ensure that he framed art work does not clash with the space design and concept of the room. In fact, if you are able to arrange this framed art on the wall in a right pattern, then there is nothing more pleasing to see than the wall. It will help in enhancing the persona of the room. Placing too many frames on the walls also can have a negative effect and hence you need to be careful to avoid a wall disaster. Visit this link http://www.azjackson.gallery/shop/ for more details on Manhattan sunset prints for sale.

Tips to hang them

The first thing that you need to make sure is the wall where you are going to place the framed pictures. You next need to get the measure of the wall area to know the exact wall space available to decorate. Place the framed artwork and printouts on the wall in different positions and see which ones offer the best visual experience.

Wide choices

With so many options and choices of framed wall pictures on offer on online stores, you will not be finding it difficult to find the right ones to decorate your walls.

Buying Art From A Gallery Vs. Buying From The Artist

ladyThe most popular way of buying art is to buy from a gallery. Mostly because the whole experience of going to the gallery and the elegance of it is what people like the most. But there are some who prefer to buy it straight from the artist. There are many arguments for both methods of art purchase.

The cost
Usually when you buy from a gallery the price you pay includes the artists share and the galleries margins. So the cost of an art may cost more in a gallery than buying from the artists. If you compare Australian artists paintings for sale adverts by the artists with the gallery prices you may see that the price is lower when buying from the artist. Also most artists have their own websites to display the art so that anyone who is interested can directly contact them to order them. Also when you buy more than one art in galleries you don’t get any kind of a discount. But when you buy from an artist they may tend to give you a discount when you buy more than one art.

The safety
When it comes to buying from a gallery they are responsible for the art they sell. So you get regular cleaning of the art packages and many other services, such as fixing of the painting if the frame is broken or slightly damaged. Also when you buy art from galleries they provide you a warrantee for the art. But if you buy art form the artist straight away by responding to advertisements like Emily Kngwarreye, you may not get that type of a warrantee. Also when it comes to transporting the art to your place, galleries take good care of the transportation and if any damage is caused during the time they will refund your money. But when you buy from the artist this component is not included, which means you have to arrange transport and it may cost you money.

Custom orders
If you are a collector of art, and you like having a portrait done or a customized art done for you. You cannot get that kind of service from a gallery. You need to buy what they display. For example if you are a hotel owner looking to buy similar art for the hotel rooms, galleries won’t be able to supply you this. But if you buy from artists, they would be willing to make copies of the same art with different colours or any other art of your choice. Also if you require custom made portraits galleries don’t have your portraits and you will have to buy from an artist.